The Gilbert Baker Foundations’s Emojis of Pride campaign, a partnership with Ogilvy, has won two Anthem Awards for both the campaign and iOS APP. The Anthem Awards (a Webby Awards initiative) amplify the voices that spark global change, defining a new benchmark for impactful work that inspires others to take action in their communities. We were in very impressive company.
Since Gilbert Baker created the Pride Flag in 1978, it has become a symbol of liberation for the LGBTQ+ community, inspiring identities across the spectrum to design their own flags. Today, there are only 2 in the emoji keyboard. We petitioned Unicode Consortium to add more flags to the emoji keyboard and created an app for users to share stickers of their own pride flag. For awareness and to educate people on each identity, we created a petition and promoted it via social media..
The Emojis of Pride social content received 200K IMP and 151.4K engagements, creating dialogue around a controversial topic. The petition and app helped people feel seen and heard, invoking hope and pride in the community. Our posts led to 3.8K app downloads and over 7,200 petition signatures.

⭐️ ios APP and awareness campaign
⭐️ Gold Winner in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

See the full list of winners and find out how to join the Conference + Ceremony on Feb. 28 at the link in our bio!

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