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Sunol Glen School Board President Ryan Jergensen was recently granted a temporary restraining order against former school trustee Denise Kent Romo for alleging her posts on social media have rallied people to send him threatening messages Sunol fallout continues:...

Latest News 10-11-23

North OC Community College District will continue to fly the Pride flag California students walk out en masse in protest of school board’s anti-LGBTQ+ policies Further Reading: PSYCHOLOGY TODAY: Understanding and Celebrating Pride Flags

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Our hearts go out to the family of 66-year-old Laura Ann Carleton This is truly a tragedy. So unnecessary. Carleton was a spirited ally. She did not identify as LGBTQ+ but “spent her time helping and advocating for everyone in the community.”Our hearts go out to the...

Latest News 8-24-2023

A Cinnabon store in Northridge, CA, was ordered by corporate HQ to take down all Rainbow Flags. Employees went on strike on August 4 for a planned three-day protestCalifornia’s North OC. More. Community College District tried to ban the Rainbow Flag at the July 25th...

Latest News – 7/18/2023

Baltimore area’s Anne Arundel County School Board members unexpectedly rejected a flag ban on school property, thereby permitting Pride, Black Lives Matter and similar flags at schools and in classrooms. Activists made contact with the Gilbert Baker Foundation,...

Latest News 7/7/2023

Petition · Connetquot School District: Reverse The Pride Flag Ban · Darien’s LGBTQ residents protest town’s pride flag policy (

Latest News 6/6/23

Kohls facing backlash like target but will continue to have pride items. More. Surfside, FL to fly pride flag over Mayor’s objection. More LA county flying progress flag over county building. More Chula Vista, CA Elementary board votes to fly pride flag. More...

Latest News 5/2/2023

Union County, NC is in the process of making a vote that could ban the rainbow flag. More Towns in Massachusetts like Wakefield and the city of Boston have been debating whether or not they should allow rainbow flags to be flown in their flag poles. More Sparta, NJ...

Latest News 4/12/23

Holden, ME moved to ban most flags for their school district. More. Monroe, NC proposed a policy that would ban the rainbow flag but nothing had been approved yet. More

Latest News 4/4/23

Delano, CA moved to no longer fly the rainbow flag at city hall.  More. Redondo Beach, CA, on the other hand, announced they will fly the rainbow flag on city hall during Pride. More

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