The Gilbert Baker Foundation proudly presents a new storytelling project


An Oral History

Our oral history initiative gathers short videos and testimonials from people who participated in or witnessed the creation of the original rainbow flags in 1978.  In addition, we’ll  highlight the stories of people who helped Gilbert Baker  make the flag a symbol of LGBTQ liberation and one of the most recognizable icons in the world.



A film by Vincent Guzzone
and Charley Beal
January 2023

Cass Brayton AKA Sister Mary Media of the renowned San Francisco drag collective known as the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence recounts Gilbert Baker’s tenure as Sister Chanel 2001. From the legendary Red Party to the exorcism of Jerry Falwell in Union Square, Cass takes us on a journey through Gilbert Baker’s history at the intersection of drag, art, religion and media in San Francisco in the eighties.



Jeff sheehy

A film by Vincent Guzzone
and Charley Beal
September  2021

Jeff Sheehy, former San Francisco Supervisor, recalls his long friendship with Gilbert Baker and his participation in the creation of the iconic Rainbow Flag Installation at Harvey Milk Plaza in 1997. This enthralling walk through history also encompasses Gilbert Baker’s long career as an artist and his compassionate work with Dennis Peron in establishing the medical marijuana movement that helped extend the lives of countless AIDS patients before the introduction of life saving medicines in the mid-nineties.



Mark Rennie

A film by Vincent Guzzone
and Charley Beal
April 2021

Mark Rennie, legendary San Francisco photographer, art patron and nightlife impresario recalls his decades long friendship and collaboration with Gilbert Baker, creator of the LGBTQ+ Rainbow Flag. From the Clown Hotel to the first test flight of the Original Rainbow Flag, Mark connects Gilbert Baker’s profound achievements with the art world at large.. 


Jim Ferrigan

A film by Vincent Guzzone
and Charley Beal
October 2020

World famous flag expert, Jim Ferrigan recalls his historic partnership with Gilbert Baker, the creator of the Rainbow Flag. From his role in helping to make sure the original rainbow flag was fit to fly, to the adoption of the Rainbow Flag by the worldwide flag industry, Jim takes us step by step on a fascinating journey from an artist’s loft in 1978 San Francisco to the historic International Flag Congress of 1987. 


The Scarlot Harlot

A film by Vincent Guzzone
and Charley Beal
May 2020

In our first installment, we talk to Carol Leigh a.k.a. Scarlot Harlot (pictured), a sex worker rights pioneer and activist, and beloved friend of Gilbert Baker. Carol was a frequent collaborator with Gilbert Baker on projects like Pink Jesus the Protest of the Pope’s visit to San Francisco in 1987 that shut down the Golden Gate Bridge. This powerful narrative includes never before seen footage.

Future Episodes

New videos by (left to right)  Jeff Sheehy, Cass Brayton aka Sister Mary Media and James Ferrigan and Mark Rennie.

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