The Gilbert Baker Foundation
GLBT Historical Society 


A New BiCoastal Exhibit Celebrating the Community Pride Flags

THE STONEWALL INN | 53 Christopher Street | New York, NY

HARVEY MILK CAMERA STORE | 575 Castro  St.| San Francisco, CA

Exhibits Close Tuesday June 29th


As the president of the Gilbert Baker Foundation, I am often asked about the amazing proliferation of other community flags that have appeared since Gilbert Baker and a diverse group of radical activists created the Rainbow Flag in 1978. People often ask me, “What flag should I fly?” The short answer is “Fly the flag that speaks to your soul. There is room in the sky for all of them.”

In this exhibit IN THEIR OWN VOICES, we asked the creators of some of the most significant Pride Flags to share the history, inspiration for, and meaning of, their creations.

All of these flags are beautiful and deserve to be flying high, whether at a protest march or or your front porch. We at the Gilbert Baker Foundation are proud that they were all born of the original Rainbow Flag.

Charles Beal
President of the Gilbert Baker Foundation

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