2024 PRIDE


The Gilbert Baker Foundation is proud to support all the activists who are openly defying the unjust bans and restrictions on flying the Rainbow Flag!

Last year, the Gilbert Baker Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union partnered to create SAVE THE RAINBOW FLAG, a multi-tiered program to help communities fight back.

Report a Flag Ban

We’re keeping track of the Rainbow Flag bans on our interactive live map. Use the form to notify us  and we’ll track.

Get Our Toolkit

We’ve partnered with the ACLU and created a set of resources to help you push back against the bans.

Raise a Virtual Flag

Help spread the word  about the bans on social media.  Use our Augmented Reality Pride Flag and fly a flag that no one can ever take down.

Defiant Pride

Honoring Brave Activists

DEFIANT PRIDE is dedicated to the activists and organizations taking a stand against injustice, ensuring the symbol of LGBTQ pride continues to wave high.


While there have been over 50+ bans on flying the Rainbow Flag, there have also been quite a few triumphs.

The Wins

 Join us in applauding  these ongoing efforts to promote equality and freedom. Check back often  – we’ll continue to share  many defiant  stories below. 



Help us protect the symbol of love and diversity. The SAVE THE RAINBOW FLAG program is dedicated to preserving the right to fly the Rainbow Flag without fear of discrimination or legal repercussions. Your support is crucial in our fight against unjust bans and restrictions. Stand with us and make a difference today.

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